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Transition Team

Dear parishioners of Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Bernard’s and Holy Cross,

The primary goal of the Transition Team is to prepare the existing parishes for canonical merger on or before December 31, 2019. The secondary aim of the team is to recommend a course of action for the new parish in key areas of administration and mission. The work of devising a complete strategy for evangelization and renewal will fall to the pastor of the new parish, along with his leadership team, pastoral council and finance council in the months, and years, following the merger.


Thus the transition team is mandated to look at specific areas of administration and ministry for the purposes of becoming one new canonical parish.

The following are the 7 categories to which will be periodically updated: Communications, facilities, pastoral ministry and evangelization, finance and administration, prayer, naming of the new parish and human resources.

Members of the Transition Team are, in addition to the assigned clergy, as follows:

  • Saint Rose of Lima:  Mark Carew, Shannon MacDonald 

  • Saint Bernard’s:  Claire Guyette, Jacques Proulx

  • Holy Cross:  Jack Redden, Betty Lou Tilley

Transition Team Updates

The latest update is not divided by categories as in the past but more a full update from Father Mike explaining where the parish is currently in the process of transition and what is we is coming in the next while. Please click on the link to read Father Mike's full message.

November 2019 Transition Update


Prayer is the foundation of our life together.  Ways to pray together include a regular petition in the Prayer of the Faithful in each church. We have taken some measures to pray together and a committee will be established to plan regular times of prayer for our churches together.  We envision three to four gatherings per year.


A report on the state of our facilities has been put together for our report by Mr. Richard Sherman, a retired architect from St. Bernard’s Church.

Pastoral Ministry and Evangelization

Since August 1, we have had several priests assisting us with weekend masses. Beginning October 1, Fr. Owen Connolly will be here for three months to assist us with weekend ministry and other Adult Formation efforts.  

            Two items are in the process in being addressed. A procedure for cancelling masses will be developed and put in place for each church.  Parishioners will be advised how this will take work once things are arranged.

            Each church has been asked to set up a team of lay people to lead prayer should a circumstance arise when a priest is not available.  This is necessary to insure people are able to pray together on the rare occasion when mass is not possible.


Parish bulletins will continue to be published as they have been in the churches.  Updates will continue to be published on the website and on paper in each of the churches. 

Human Resources

Both secretaries are serving the churches well and will continue in the offices at St. Rose and St. Bernard churches.  Unfortunately we were unable to hire a new catechetics director and are working on ensuring the ministry of children’s catechetics continues in each church without a director.  Kathleen Powell has agreed to assist the religious education program with five additional hours a week of administrative support at St. Rose.  Sarah White has agreed to lead the program for one year at St. Bernard’s.

Finance and Administration

Mr. Pat McCarvill is the Chair of our Finance Committee.  He is presently doing preparatory work for the integration of the parish accounts.  Careful checks have been made to ensure money donated for a particular purpose has been used for that purpose or is set aside for it.  The next few months will be used to transition to the financial setup for the new parish, including preparation of the collective 2020 budget.

Naming the New Parish

As has been mentioned previously in earlier reports, our new parish name is Saint André Bessette Parish.

Many people worked very hard to complete the Transition Team report.  I wish to thank them all for their efforts.  Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to be the missionary church we are called to live each and every day.


Further information on each of these categories are available on the Archdiocesan website. 

Click on “Equip the Saints”, then click on “Transition Team Guidelines” for more information.


Past Updates