Saint André Bessette Parish

Fall River - Enfield - Middle Musquodoboit

“An Incense Free Parish”


Mass times:


Saturday   4:00 pm - Holy Cross

 4:00 pm - St. Rose of Lima

Sunday    9:00 am - St. Bernard

11:00 am - St. Rose of Lima


Sacrament of Baptism:


During the COVID-19 pandemic baptism will be celebrated the last Sunday of the month following mass.  Contact either parish office to arrange sacramental preparation.


Sacrament of Reconciliation: 


St. Bernard: March 6, 13, 20 & 27 - 9:30 am to 10:30 am

St. Rose: March 6, 13, 20 & 27 - 11:00 am to Noon 

Holy Cross - after mass in Lent with time TBA.


Sacrament of the Sick: The Sacrament of the Sick will be made available upon request for individuals, following appropriate safety procedures.  Present restrictions do not permit pastors to go into the hospital to anoint sick parishioners, however there are designated priests to anoint parishioners in hospital.


Communion to the Homebound/Sick by parishioners is not permitted at this time.  Requests for viaticum (communion for the dying) should be made to Fr. Michael.



March 14, 2021


Dear Parishioners:


As we continue to follow our Lenten observances we have the following ways to open ourselves to God's grace.


WEEKDAY MASS: There will weekday mass at St. Rose and St. Bernard during Lent.  

Mass:  Wednesday - 9:00 am at St. Rose 

            Thursday -    9:00 am at St. Bernard.  

Mass will be celebrated in the church and COVID Best Practices apply for attending.


There will be EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT at St. Bernard's following 9:00 am Thursday mass until 11:00 am.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS will be prayed during Lent at St. Rose of Lima on Fridays in Lent at 7:00 pm.  The St. Rose Knights of Columbus and St. Rose Catholic Women's League will share leading the Stations of the Cross prayer.  As we walk the last steps of Jesus may we be mindful of his mercy and sacrifice for all.

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION: This sacrament will be available at additional times as indicated at the top of this email.


An Examination of Conscience is available on the website in the February edition of the Bessette Gazette.



Our Lenten Life Group series has started.  Future dates for our zoom groups will be:

March 15 at 7pm

March 22 at 7pm

March 29 at 7pm


These meetings will be held during Lent and this will all lead up to Holy Thursday. Our topic of our meetings during Lent will be the Institution of the Eucharist.

I invite everyone from all the three churches of our parish to join us in our life groups. If you are not already participating, please go to the parish website to join:  A Zoom notice will be sent to you so you can participate.

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION:  During the upcoming Easter season we will have the celebration of confirmation at 7:00 pm on May 5 (St. Bernard's) and 6 (St. Rose of Lima) in our parish.  Archbishop Brian Dunn will be the celebrant and this will be his first pastoral visit to our parish.  Please keep our confirmation candidates in your prayers as they prepare for receiving the gifts of the Spirit in Confirmation.


LIVE STREAM MASS IMPROVEMENTS:  We are seeking to improve our video by the purchase of a new piece of equipment that will enable us to dramatically improve the video quality of our livestream mass.  The camera and installation will cost approximately $3000.00.  To date we have raised about $1730. I continue to ask for your financial support for this improvement.  Please mark your donation with the word ‘technology’.    All donations are gratefully received.  Thank you.


MASS REGISTRATION:  If you have not previously registered for in person mass at the churches in Enfield and Fall River please do so.  Please indicate how many people you are registering when you contact us.  Names will be accepted for the weekend up until 10:00 am the Thursday before the weekend.  


If you wish to attend mass at St. Rose please contact Linda at 902-860-0475 or

If you wish to attend mass at St. Bernard please contact Claire at 902-883-2660 or

Numbers at Holy Cross are limited to 24 and are sufficient for that church.


MASS LIVE STREAMED:  The live stream mass may be found on Facebook at St. André Bessette Parish or go to our parish website and click on the live mass link/box.    


St.Bernards CWL - Good Friday Fish Chowder
Take out. 12:00-1:30     cost $10
Must pre-order and pay by March 30th
Orders and payment will be taken following mass on March 21st and 28th or

contact 902-883-9246 or 902-883-9743 


INCOME TAX RECEIPTS for 2020 are now available for pick up in each of our churches.  



Tuesday: 12:15 pm Tuesday March 30, Chrism Mass - St. Mary's Basilica - online liturgy 

Wednesday: 9:00 am Mass  (followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 11:00 am)

Thursday: 7:00 pm Mass of the Lord's Supper - St. Bernard's (followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament until 10:00 pm)

Good Friday:  3:00 pm - Veneration of the Cross - St. Rose, St. Bernard and Holy Cross

Easter Vigil:  8:00 pm St. Rose of Lima

Easter Sunday: Mass: 9:00 am - St. Bernard

                          Mass: 11:00 am - St. Rose

                          Mass: Noon - Holy Cross 

Details for Registration will be provided next week.


HOLY WEEK LITURGIES FROM ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL BASILICA:. The link for Holy Week online liturgies from the Cathedral is:


COVID BEST PRACTICES: Your assistance is needed to help keep each other safe and we ask you to care for your neighbour by practicing the following inside the church:


  1. Using a Mask - All people at mass are required to wear a mask.  If you are unable to wear a mask for mass for any reason please remain home and take in the live stream mass.  Masks may only be lowered for the reception of communion and must be back in place immediately afterwards.  According to health guidelines, a face shield may not be used in place of a mask.

  2. Social distancing - While inside the church building, social distancing is required.  You will be shown to your seat by an usher and when moving around the church please strive to keep a distance of six feet from other parishioners. 

  3. Use Hand sanitizer - When arriving in the church please use the provided hand sanitizer.

  4. Together these practices help protect parishioners and your cooperation makes it possible for mass to be celebrated in our churches during the pandemic.


PARISH OFFICES:  We kindly ask you to observe the following procedures when visiting the parish office:


1) Only one visitor at a time is permitted in the office.

2) When waiting to go into the office, physical distancing must be observed.

3) Masks must be worn by staff when a visitor is in the office; visitors must wear a mask in the office.

4) Hand sanitizer must be used when entering the church office.


A LAST WORD:  During the ongoing pandemic let us continue to find ways to reach out and care for one another, to pray for one another, and do the best we can during the current pandemic.  


Yours in Christ,



Fr. Michael J. P. Walsh, 



Homily Fourth Sunday of Lent, March14, 2020 Year B

Deacon Dan Bowden


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.” Just a short  story about a young girl, who went to her dad with a question she needed answered. The question; Daddy; what is God like?The question seemed innocent enough to her father, but as he attempted to answer he couldn’t really find a way of putting it into a language that a 5 year old girl might understand. Finally he gave an answer that fathers are sometimes famous for: Honey ;Go ask your mother.  So she went to her mom and said mom; What is God like; her mom realized that she had no adequate answer. She suggested this; Honey why don’t you go and ask your Sunday school teacher. So she posed the same question to her Sunday school teacher. “What is God Like.” The response ; simple and quick; “Why don’t you ask your mom or dad?”  As the child walked away she thought to herself ; If I had lived with God for as long as my mom ,dad, and Sunday school teacher, I would think I would be able to tell someone what He is like. Actually each and every one of us should be able to answer this simple question, what is God like. Today’s scripture reminds us, that God loves each and every one of us so much, that He gave us His only Son.It is important for us to note that God loved us first. . God owes us nothing not even for all the good things we have done. For all we do is a gift of His grace; which first brought us to love Him. St. Paul says it well in his 2nd letter to the Ephesians. “ I repeat, it is owing to (God’s) favour that salvation is yours through faith. This is not your own doing; it is God’s gift; neither is it a reward for anything you have accomplished, so let no one pride himself on it.We are truly His handiwork,created in Christ Jesus to lead the life of good deeds which God prepared for us in advance So the big question of today: What is the change of heart which God is looking for from each one of us? There are as many answers to that as there are people here today. We already know that Christ became one like us to show us how much His Father; our Father loves us. For God sent Jesus as an expression of His love for us! So how do we express our love for Him, how do we express our love for one another. We are also reminded in sacred scripture ; that Jesus is the light that has come into the world.And all who do evil hate the light. So those who do evil, attempt to create a darkness so their deeds may not be exposed. This darkness sometimes described as a shinning darkness,is attractive to the human eye; however it is the same trap of evil. Darkness scatters the light and it breaks up communion or the bringing back of things together. Let us remember when Jesus fed the 5,000! Facing the large hungry crowd; His disciples begged Him to dismiss the crowd, so they could go into the village and buy food for themselves. Jesus responded by saying there is no need for them to go away, feed them yourselves. In our day and age whatever drives the church apart is that similar cry of “dismiss the crowds!” In times when we feel most threatened, or times of trial it is usually our instinct to blame someone or some institution, or to take an offensive position,or even to disperse, and leave our communities. We truly need to listen to Jesus; and never allow darkness to overcome us. To have faith, to believe, to trust in the love and power of Almighty God to go forward in prayer, fasting, especially supporting those who are least amongst us. Perhaps some questions we can attempt to answer: 1) What is the cause of our division/darkness in the church. 2) What brings us together in communion? Finally : How can each of us be an agent of God’s light in becoming a strong, faithful and trustworthy community? So in these times of uncertainty in the world and mother church; let us each focus on the light which has come into the world. Let us each in the face of adversity, in a world filled with despair give back to the one who has loved us; a heart filled with faith, filled with hope, and filled with love. Perhaps then when someone asks us  “what is God like????” We can answer… “we are the beloved of God!” So today let us receive His precious gift of love and freely give it to others thereby bringing His light, His love into a world in need of salvation. Amen





Rev. Michael J. P. Walsh

Past Updates:

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation,

be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12


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